The first promotional platform that combines
epic adventure with epic results

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What is Legacy Result?

Legacy Result combines your favorite
tabletop and RPG experiences with an
unique promotional platform that helps
you build your brand.

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Legacy Result is the first true promo-game hybrid that combines exciting browser games with a promotional platform.

Being a tribute to classic medieval fantasy novels, computer games, and tabletop games, Legacy Result embarks you on hand-crafted, story-driven adventures as you surf.

Legacy Result makes brand-building easy and fun as users are consistently engaged with interactive games, challenges, and stories. We've built a platform of business owners, entrepreneurs, and surfers (adventurers) who willingly join to view offers and to help each other grow.

More than just an exchange, Legacy Result invites you to join an active community as you dive into a world full of adventure!

Meet lively characters who give you quests and challenges that yield marvelous prizes. Compete with other members in friendly competitions that encourage team-building and entrepreneurship.

Use the variety of tools that we've created to aid you in your promotional efforts not just on Legacy but across the entire realm of the Internet, such as our 468 Banner Network, 125x125 Banner Network, and Full Textual Ad Network!

No matter your goal, Legacy Result aims to help you become a King (or Queen) of your own domain!

Major Features

A New Take on a
Proven System

Our take on surfing is unique in that users
are actively engaged with interactive games, stories, competitions, and prizes. Giving them more reasons to surf. Our system is ethical and
our surfers are real people who want to see your offers.

Banner Network
For Members

Our Banner Network is Free for members!
Simply use your special link at your favorite promotional sources and earn earn credits for each impression you bring in. You can add your banners to the network to have them be viewed across many different promotional sources.

Complete Quests For
Legacy Coins

Every day, one of the companions will assign
you a unique quest where you must retrieve
the requested items by exploring partner sites. Upon completing a quest, you'll receive Coins
that can be used to purchase upgrades on
or can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies.

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